Develop youth voice in your organisation

Thanks to support from the Social Investment Business and Centre for Youth Impact we now offer training in embedding young people’s voice in your organisation.

Our training builds on our experience running Voice Magazine and directly engaging hundreds of young people as young journalists, trustees, ambassadors, cultural professionals and event organisers over the past 10 years. Meet a few of these young people.

We’re currently running the Nottingham Youth Cultural Partnership, a Kickstart Support programme, a media profile of England wide best practice in youth voice for the Arts Council Bridge Organisations and our ever popular Voice Contributor programme. In 2019 we piloted this training with 84 people across 36 organisations to great feedback and we’re excited to bring it back to support organisations in their recovery from Covid.

Our courses are designed for staff and young people working together and include practical activities plus useful handouts and downloadable materials.

Our training covers the What, Why and How of youth voice – exploring co-production, digital engagement and young ambassadors. We focus on building your confidence and supporting youth voice in your organisation.

Why attend our training?
We offer years of practical experience (including running plus knowledge of participation theory and lots of examples of UK-wide practice. We bring in the voice of young people and expert experience.

We created the Arts Award Youth Network and have managed direct support for young people’s engagement and celebrating their achievement with Trinity College London for the past decade. We also created Amplify for England’s network of Bridge Organisations which is direct case study development with a diverse range of youth voice programmes.

We’ve had participants tell us “More of this training is required across the whole arts & cultural sector! Should be mandatory for all arts organisations. Our work is featured in this article from Arts Professional and our approach is outlined in a downloadable resource for Arts Award.

The training delivers on three main components: a theoretical framework that underpins the work, examples/case studies to give you real life examples, and application in your own organisation. Your active participation in the conversation is built into the course structure, throughout the training. 

When is training available?
We will be adding more dates for training in 2022 shortly.

How long and how much?
Online courses are 3 hours long (with a break) and pricing for 2022 will be shared shortly. The fee includes access to our downloadable resources.

Want to attend a course in-person?
Fill out our form to be the first to know about available dates. We’ll prioritise locations near you.

Amplify - profiling children and young people voice in creative and cultural learning

Key outcomes and learning from the training:
You will understand why engaging young people in youth voice activity is important, how to make the case for youth voice and come away with a plan for the future.
You’ll use learning from our own practice, wider case studies and a reflection on your own work.

What have people thought of our training?

A well facilitated and engaging training session – I left feeling good about youth voice in my organisation and that I can move forward with more knowledge!
The discussions felt genuine and meaningful
The trainers were very welcoming, articulate and perceptive
It was all really helpful
It was really relatable to my role and how we are going forward with our youth provision

All comments are from our pilot training courses with a diverse range of 36 organisations covering libraries, music, dance, theatre, community arts and many more organisations. We worked with local authorities, small businesses, NPO’s and grass roots organisations.

“The exercises we did in groups helped me pinpoint where we are”


How much is the training?
Our online training costs £39 per professional and £10 per young person. This can be paid online or by BACS upon receipt of an invoice, please email [email protected] to request places on a course and receive an invoice.

How to book?
Use the links above to public course dates or get in touch with us now on [email protected] for more information about our training and to secure your place(s). If you want to book for in person training when it becomes available, please register your interest.

All participants also get access to our materials online


Who’s it for?
Anyone overseeing or working with young people in their organisation, wanting to gain young people’s insights, or develop a new youth offer. Suitable for participation departments working in the arts, cultural or voluntary sectors. We encourage you to bring young people too- ideally an apprentice, intern, young trustee or someone already involved in helping to direct projects.

Are there any pre-requisites for attendees?
As an attendee you should have some experience of young people’s projects and be keen to share and develop knowledge about embedding young people’s voice across your organisation. The same goes for young people attending the course who ideally have some influence in your organisation.

Why should I book?
So you can embed young people’s voice in your work. Helping you to develop your audiences and plan programmes of work that meet the needs of your community. Here’s a few more points about our training that might help yo make the case to whoever says yes to booking your continual professional development activity:

  • Our training engages professionals and young people together in a shared learning experience
  • Our course is designed to be flexible around your needs and context
  • All our additional resources are available FREE for attendees to download
  • Our training enables organisations to take progressive steps to realising their youth engagement potential and prepare for a rapidly evolving youth-oriented future in arts and culture
  • We have delivered, profiled and supported youth engagement and youth voice throughout the coronavirus pandemic, and can help you to realise your maximum potential in the recovery phase
  • Participation helps organisations subject to Ofsted assessment to consider how to deliver high quality activity that meets the expectations of their students and provide a curriculum rich with cultural capital
  • Schools (and those wanting to work with schools) will understand better how to engage and address the needs of each pupil (Gatsby Benchmark 3) by supporting their voice
  • We can continue to help you afterwards through 1:1 support to develop your strategy or programme with our consultancy help

In-House or group training is available too

We can also run our training for specially organised sessions – single or collectives of organisations at a time and date that works for them (perfect for Local Cultural Education Partnerships or Music Hubs for example). Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to book us to run a dedicated session. We have a flyer you can share with colleagues too: download our youth voice training e-flyer.

Our training works well for up to 18 people and ideally includes both staff and young people. This can be for up to 6 hours (delivered in blocks when online).

Book Now:

Training is £39 per professional and £10 per young person

Terms of purchase:
1. No refunds can be made for no-shows and cancellations made less than 21 days before the date of training. The name of attendee(s) can change at any time.
2. Cancellations made more than 21 days before will receive a 50% refund upon request. The cancellation must be made & acknowledged in writing to [email protected] prior to this date. If you’ve not received an acknowledgement in time you may call us on 03300 881008.
3. Any young person attending training will be the responsibility of their accompanying adult. We suggest that they are aged 14-25; however you are welcome to inform us if you are bringing someone younger or older. We recommend that this young person is an apprentice in your organisation, an intern/Kickstarter, volunteer or participant in engagement programmes within a role that can continue to work with you to develop youth voice within the organisation. Please respect the intentions of this programme and its funders by not booking a paid colleague (ie not on a training programme) for a young person’s ticket.
4. If we cancel the training day for any reason you will be informed by email at the earliest possible opportunity and a refund will be offered. If a suitable alternative date cannot be found for you we will still provide you with access to the online material.
5. All payments must be cleared at least 3 days before the training day. We can accept an official purchase order and payment of our invoice afterwards for recognised statutory authorities or organisations registered with the Charity Commission or Companies House.
6. Please be aware that we will only use your contact details to administer the course and your access to the online modules. You may be giving your details to our event booking partners to register which will then be passed to us. To continue receiving information from us please register on