Youth Voice & Influence

We champion youth voice and leadership as a route to influencing organisations to offer the best possible product and experiences.

Our work helps young people voice their opinion of the world around them and includes training with organisations and young people; facilitating research projects, consultations and leadership panels; and supporting young people to achieve Arts Award qualifications – accrediting their personal and leadership development.

We want to support as many organisations to develop their engagement with youth voice as possible; we’ve created a free introduction to youth voice online interactive presentation to help you get started.

Youth Voice Training

A group of young people being consulted; sat in a circle on chairs at the RSA

Always basing our training on real life experiences; we guide participants through the what, why and how of youth voice. Whether you’re a professional learning about enabling youth voice or whether it’s young people learning how to have their voice heard.

Join the hundreds of people who have already made an impact in their organisation by using what they’ve learnt on our training courses.
We run regular public training courses and can deliver in-house youth voice and bespoke courses.

We can also deliver courses for networks, membership organisations or simply groups of like-minded organisations.​

Influencing Projects

Young people training to be trustees - sat in a circle with flipchart

Our team thrives on meeting the challenges set by commissioners and enabling young people to have their voice and influence organisations.

We have developed the Arts Award Youth Network over several years and continue to enjoy regular opportunities to engage young people in developing and supporting Arts Award nationally.

As well as research based projects, we deliver media projects, consultancy and direct youth panel facilitation projects for local and regional organisations.

Work with us to develop how young people can influence your work, whatever stage of the process you might be at.​

Arts Award Support​

Four young people as advocates for Arts Award

We support both organisations & young people directly with Arts Award.

We run – the official online support for young people doing an Arts Award and have a team who love Arts Award, and helping young people to achieve their own awards.

If you’d like help developing an Arts Award programme or using it to support young people’s voices then take a look at what we offer, or if you’d like us to support a young person directly (especially at Silver & Gold levels) then take a look at our Remote Centre option.

What do people think of our work?

‘You did an excellent job of breaking down and explaining clearly what youth voice means and how it can be applied to any group of young people.’

‘My experience with the YAB group has really helped me to develop my public speaking confidence, teamwork and communication skills.’

What did you particularly like about the course? ‘The expertise and helpfulness of the trainers on the course.’