We offer consultancy, research and training to other organisations across all areas of our work. With a team brimming with experience, expertise and sector knowledge we can find the right fit for you. Whether it’s 1:1 sessions by Skype, whole day training or conducting a piece of work to report to you on – we’re a flexible team with ‘burst-able capacity’.

We can support you in many ways including:

  • developing your youth voice or participation strategy
  • engaging young people in planning your work
  • evaluation of projects – from concept design to visits, surveys and qualitative interviews with informative reports
  • developing events to showcase your work or engage your community
  • running quality assurance, reviews or youth inspections (‘mystery shopping’) of your work or venues
  • designing and delivering consultations with any stakeholder group
  • exploring your digital strategy and ways of working for improved efficiency or audience engagement
  • developing a communications plan – especially to young people, but also other arts organisations or your wider community
  • project management
  • designing programmes for Arts Award delivery or for schools seeking Artsmark status

Support for careers and curriculums

With a network of experienced arts and education professionals we have developed learning programmes for schools and informal settings, with knowledge around the National Curriculum requirements, Ofsted frameworks and Gatsby benchmarks. We can help you embed creativity in your curriculum and consider how to offer careers advice in the digital, cultural and creative industries.

We can support organisations in developing an ambitious curriculum studied by all which delivers cultural capital, described in the national curriculum as ‘the essential knowledge that pupils need to be educated citizens, introducing them to the best that has been thought and said, and helps to engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement.’

Our work around youth voice can also support you to address the needs of each student (Gatsby Benchmark 3), and develop a stable careers programme (Benchmark 1) that facilitates encounters with employers and employees (Benchmark 5) through the management of industry engagement events. Our website voicemag.uk is also a valuable careers information resource for the creative sector.

We make it easy

Our range of consultancy services build off our individual skills and make use of a large team of experts. We can manage every aspect of a project, even where we need to compile a whole team – be they trainers, facilitators, evaluators, marketeers, curriculum experts, event managers or administrators.

Just get in touch with us on [email protected] or 03300 881008

As a bonus

Where you want to engage young people or artists and need to arrange/pay their expenses, honorariums or fees but have to set everyone up as a supplier – we can handle all of that for you. With our low admin costs that can be built in to a project you don’t need to worry about paying more than our invoice for everything involved!