Upstart Projects is a registered charity and the home for a group of arts professionals with a passion for creating arts opportunities for young people. Between us, we have expertise in arts development, research, evaluation, project management, events management, journalism, media production, teaching, training and youth work.

We are all committed to opening the door to arts and culture for young people and giving them a voice about what they experience.

We champion youth voice and leadership through all our work.

Our vision

We want to help create a society which values the creativity and leadership qualities of young people and young professionals, and seeks out their voice in the arts, both as artists and commentators.

Our values

We believe in running our organisation and our projects so that they foster


We run a fair and supportive organisation which is collaborative in operation and constantly creates opportunities for young people and young professionals to grow their skills, take on leadership roles and explore creative activities and career paths.

Our team

Upstart have a flexible and committed team. We have some core members of the team that run our operations and oversee Voice magazine, some Voice specific team members in training and are joined by a number of associates who work on our consultancy projects and training delivery.

This model ensures we have a team with excellent experiences, a flexibility to match the right people to your project needs, and the ability to train and support young professionals who have come through our participation programmes – like Tom, our Voice Editor, and Alice, our project leader in the South East.

We work as a core team of staff and with a number of associates. With a blend of early career individuals and highly experienced members of the team, we can deliver everything you need.

We are led by our board of trustees – a diverse group with cultural and journalistic experience. We have young trustees and those with considerable governance experience.

Our work wouldn’t happen without the young people who are directly engaged. We’ve had over 50 core volunteers over the years. We currently have Voice Contributors.