Voice magazine

Voicemag.uk is our arts and culture magazine for young people.

Led by a young editorial team, the magazine shares arts news and opinions from a wide range of contributors, seeks out less heard voices and develops communication and media skills. Voice is an open platform for any young person to publish reviews, opinions and their own creative work. We cover arts events and festivals across the country and last year published X reviews and X interviews by young people. In 2021/22 Voice saw over 200,000 visits, the majority from young people under 30.

Young person enjoying media training

Opportunities and skills for young people.
We recruit and support a network of young arts reviewers across the UK who review the local and national arts scene.

We offer work experience and training on the magazine for around 20 young people each year who want to develop their writing and media skills and build a portfolio towards a creative career.

Find out more about Voice’s skills development

From skills to jobs.
Voice’s Creative Careers section offers over 1,000 interviews with artists and professionals to raise awareness of the range of jobs in the arts and help young people find routes into training and careers.

Getting qualified.
Arts Award Voice is our mini-site for young people working towards their Arts Award. We believe Arts Award supports young people to develop their creativity and leadership skills and explore routes into arts careers. We also work with Trinity College London to show how their arts qualifications can lead to professional careers.

Hear from some of Voice’s previous talented contributors.

Maddie Drury
Contributor Maddie Drury
Jo Nead
Contributor Jo Nead
Chris Hill
Contributor Chris Hill
Bhavesh Jadva
Associate Bhavesh Jadva
Mystaya Brémaud
Contributor Mystaya Brémaud
Saskia Calliste
Former Assistant Editor Saskia Calliste