Voicemag.uk is an arts and culture magazine providing opportunities for young people to develop as reviewers and journalists across the UK. We send young reviewers out to events and festivals and to interview artists and creative professionals, so let us know if you’d like us to cover your event.

Voice offers a platform for young people to publish reviews, opinions and their own creative work. We create a range of media and host over 1,000 interviews that support young people to explore creative careers.

We’re always looking for reporters and reviewers! If you know anyone who would like to create content for Voice, then do check out our Voice contributor page or sign up for Voicemail to get a feel for the magazine. Want to know what young people get from Voice? Check out our page about the impact of the programme.

Organisations can register on Voice too, sharing their opportunities and events for young people. Combine this with some affordable advertising and Voice is a great way to reach a wider audience.

Do check out our social media and follow Voice on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Voice is also the platform hosting content from our Voice Outreach Groups and the central point for our Arts Award Voice Community.

Tom Inniss
Voice Editor Tom Inniss
Bhavesh Jadva
Voice Associate Bhavesh Jadva
Sienna James
Voice Associate & Trainer Sienna James
Idriss Assoumanou
Trainer & Associate Idriss Assoumanou
Sam Nead
Voice Associate & Trainer Sam Nead

Don’t forget – if you’re interested in how you might engage young people to develop a platform with the opportunities of Voice locally