Our team brings together experienced professionals with young creatives to offer a wide range of skills and experience to our projects, training and commissioned work.

Diana Walton
Director Diana Walton
Emrys Green
Head of Business & Projects Emrys Green
Tom Inniss
Voice Editor Tom Inniss
Saskia Calliste
Voice Deputy Editor Saskia Calliste
Alice Wyatt
Associate, Trainer & Project Leader Alice Wyatt
Sienna James
Voice Associate & Trainer Sienna James
Judy McFall
Trainer & Associate Judy McFall
Idriss Assoumanou
Trainer & Associate Idriss Assoumanou
Sam Nead
Voice Associate & Trainer Sam Nead
Dayna Jeynes
Administrator Dayna Jeynes
Sadhana Narayanan
Trainer Sadhana Narayanan
Olivia Wyatt
Trainer Olivia Wyatt

Our work is overseen by an independent board of trustees.