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The Government recently announced the creation of the Kickstart Scheme. This scheme is to fund the direct creation of high quality 6-month job placements for young people at risk of long-term unemployment. It will give young people the chance to build their confidence and skills in the workplace, and to gain experience that will improve their chances of going on to find employment. Each Kickstarter attracts £1,500 in grant funding to provide support to them throughout their placement. More information can be found at:

There are some conditions to receiving funds to employ Kickstarters. One of these conditions to offer young people support to help them get work after they finish their Kickstart Scheme job – either with yourself, or with employability skills that will help them land jobs elsewhere.

We can help you

As a charity and as a collective team we have considerable experience supporting young people through training programmes and as young employees. We have directly engaged apprentices, work experience students and interns over the years – as well as cultivating young staff and contractors. Our team have delivered a range of qualification programmes and have staff experienced in Teaching and Apprenticeship Assessment. Our work with Arts Award, Local Enterprise Partnerships and other organisations to develop careers resources include nearly 1,000 interviews on our site

How we will help

We can provide you and your Kickstarters with access to a network of other Kickstarters and employers, with a structured approach to support. Our offer includes:

  1. A facilitated regular online ‘hangout’ where young people can share their experiences, challenges and triumphs. These sessions will be an hour long and include a discussion on an employment-related topic linked to a video of a Ted Talk or similar stimulus material. There will be a maximum number of attendees per group
  2. Three 1:1 coaching sessions per Kickstarter led by a coach with experience working with young people 1:1. This should take place in their first, third and fifth/sixth month to explore their ambitions, skills development and future possibilities
  3. Three skills focussed interactive webinar/group training sessions around employability skills, which will be recorded for reference later. These will cover topics including CV writing, interviewing and group facilitation
  4. Access to exclusive Kickstart careers resources on
  5. Invitations to additional skills based workshops, opportunities and industry interviews conducted by the Voice team
  6. Access to a network through the professional app Slack for all Kickstarters to share opportunities, seek advice and find help throughout their journey
  7. A contact point for the young person (and line managers) to discuss any challenges or issues confidentially with a member of our team where they feel an independent viewpoint is helpful to them
  8. A monthly online ‘hangout’ for line managers/employers of Kickstarters to share experiences, best practice and find ways to enhance the experience. There will be a maximum number of attendees per group.

All of this totals access to over 30 hours of face to face (virtual) support for young people.

How much?

The full support programme is available for £349 per Kickstarter if you’re part of The Mighty Creatives Gateway, or £379 if you’re with anyone else.

We can provide additional support for getting started with new staff, including risk assessments, training plans and more. The cost will depend on the time needed to help. We can also connect you with options for all the legal documents you might need, including a friendly local HR consultancy.

How to get started?

Simply email [email protected] with details of your organisation and how many Kickstarters you’re interested in enrolling. Or give us a call on 03300 881008 to chat about it more.

Arts Award Accreditation

We have extensive experience providing support to young people for completing their Arts Award. We manage the Arts Award Hubs on Voice and have delivered numerous Arts Awards remotely. If the placement supports the activity, we would be more than happy to provide remote Adviser support including regular adviser meetings, portfolio creation, assessment and moderation.

We suggest Silver Arts Award is a perfect fit for the 6 month programme and would estimate the delivery cost including moderation fees to be £339 – however every young person is different and we’re happy to have an initial discussion to ensure our estimate is likely to be accurate.

Where appropriate, we can also deliver Gold Arts Award, with an estimated total cost of £359.

What should I know?

  1. All Kickstarters will be invoiced at the beginning of the programme and you can use part of your £1,500 upfront grant payment to cover it.
  2. If you have 3 or more Kickstarters in a cohort then we can invoice 50% at the start and 50% after 3 months.
  3. If for any reason a Kickstarter drops out of your employment / the programme during the 6 months then we may be able to credit some of the unused time for you to use against a replacement candidate however as the costs are largely based on group participation we cannot guarantee any refunds.
  4. You are still responsible for providing the full range of support and skills to young people, especially the sector specific contacts and skills they may need. We can provide additional mentoring or skills sessions at a further charge.
  5. Arts Award participants will require a £100 deposit and the fee accrued will be invoiced again at half-way and again when ready for moderation/at the 6-month mark less the initial deposit.
  6. Arts Award Moderation will likely be arranged for towards the end, or just after the placement.

The employability skills young people need to learn and develop through the programme include:

  • Attendance
  • Timekeeping
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Travelling to work
  • CV writing/creation
  • Interview experience
  • How to look for long term work