Our team at Upstart Projects has been involved in a wide variety of consultation, evaluation and research projects.


We developed a panel of Arts Award participants to advise on a number of changes and developments to Arts Award – including a re-brand, the introduction of Arts Award Supporters and the development of online resources for young people.

We undertake regular consultation with our networks of young people and partner organisations to ensure all our projects hit the mark.

Since the summer of 2020 we have been working with ChalleNGe (the Nottingham LCEP) to run a Youth Cultural Partnership – a group of young representatives from many major arts organisations in the city who inform and influence the development of the local scene.

In 2019 we put together a group of 15 young people for a consultation workshop with Arts Council England towards their 10 Year Strategy.

In October 2019 we ran a consultation event with c.50 young people about the affect of Artificial Intelligence on their lives, now and in the future. This was commissioned by the Mozilla Foundation and hosted at the Royal Society of Arts. We used a presentation format, interactive demos and focus group discussions and the outcomes were shared at the 10th Anniversary Mozilla Festival Science Fair. Find out more

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2021 has seen us produce a case study based research project for the Bridge England Network, profiling children and young people’s voice in creative and cultural learning. This has involved a lot of recorded interviews and some live interviews on 6 key themes of research of young people’s experiences with: Ambassadors, Changemakers, Governance, Child led learning, Young creatives and Wellbeing. These are all on a new platform we designed: amplify-voice.uk

In 2020 we engaged in research into good practice in youth voice for Royal Opera House Bridge and international research for Trinity College London to identify the skills needed for the future workforce.

2019 saw us run a project which involved surveying nearly 4,000 students through a number of schools – from rural and urban areas, state and private schools – about their experience of music education.

In 2018 we led the research for 18-25 year olds into ‘Careers information advice and guidance for the creative industries’. This was commissioned by the Creative & Cultural Skills Council towards a report for Arts Council England in response to the government’s Careers Strategy. Our research involved a roundtable consultation discussion, peer interviews, phone interviews and an online survey.

Our networks

Our access to young people through Voice magazine, our projects and our associates ensure we find the right people for your project.

With our extensive experience of setting up and conducting research about young people’s views we are an ideal partner to uncover what young people think about a topic, their experiences or what they would like to see. We can deliver most places in England in person, and anywhere in the UK and beyond digitally.

If you’d like to work with us to run a consultation, evaluation or research project then just get in touch on [email protected] or 03300 881008

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