We at Upstart love Arts Award for young people and Artsmark for organisations as accreditation and kite-marking respectfully. They’re all about the involvement of young people in high quality arts experiences.

The team have been working with the Arts Award programme for 15 years and we currently run the national Arts Award Alumni Network, manage all the direct support and engagement for young people through Arts Award on Voice, and have led a number of research and activity projects over the years. Including Arts Award Discover Clubs, The 10th Birthday Celebration – Gold Expo, and a whole series of work with the Arts Award Participation Project and Youth Network.

Our Director, Diana, is one of the people that created Arts Award from its roots in the West Midlands, and our Business & Projects Manager, Emrys, was the first to achieve both Silver & Gold Awards over a decade ago. So our long history with the programme and our core belief and experience of the positive skills it brings makes us uniquely positioned to help any centre or young person directly.

As well as our involvement in the development of Arts Award we have all been active in delivery and supporting delivery; providing remote advisers, embedding delivery in schools and community projects, and ways to accredit festival volunteers.

Our offer for Arts Award Centres is that we can:

  • Help you with embedding Arts Award in to any of your projects
  • Co-create resources for your young people to use
  • Become the adviser for any students at Gold level that have progressed through your current offer if it’s focussed on Bronze and Silver
  • Help you engage with students or young people as arts ambassadors and ‘peer advisers’ – getting more people involved and supporting younger students.

Contact us today for our support on [email protected]

Find out more about Arts Award at: artsawardvoice.com

As an Artsmark Partner, we ensure that we can bring all of this to any organisation going for or looking to maintain Artsmark status. Specifically we can offer:

  • Support with developing your Artsmark application through our consultancy service
  • Links in to and signposting of other helpful cultural organisations near you
  • Expertise in working with children and young people to develop arts and education programmes
  • Training with your staff to ensure Youth Voice is core in your development and management of any cultural programmes.

Contact us today for our support on [email protected]

Here is a video we made a couple of years back about supporting youth voice in your school for Artsmark

Find out more about Artsmark at: artsmark.org.uk

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