Pop Up #4 – Other Courses Available

Courses Available On Request

 Identifying your impact on young people
A course that guides you through identifying your theory of change, creative mechanisms to monitor impact and share it with the world.

Developing your youth voice strategy
A course that specifically aims to identify the roles that can be filled by young people, the decisions that can be influenced by young people and how you can build resilience in your organisation by having young people’s voice engaged strategically across your work.

How to co-produce events/projects
Our team guide you through examples of events and projects with young people involved in planning and execution, ideas for how to support them, and identify the roles they can undertake. It’s perfect for those supporting young people on an Arts Award programme or wanting to undertake social action projects in their community.

Entering the industry
A short course that helps to answer key questions about becoming a freelance creative practitioner – a dancer or a marketer, a lighting designer or producer and the many other roles available. Highlighting how to get started with tax, invoicing, setting your business values and communicating with potential clients/ commissioners.

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